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Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Fly Catcher con il punteggio di :310 il 23-04-19 alle 09:57 !!             Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Crystal Hexajong con il punteggio di :16354 il 23-04-19 alle 09:06 !!             rommy555 è il nuovo Campione di Gift Shop con il punteggio di :3326 il 23-04-19 alle 07:03 !!            

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Nuovo Campione in : Fly Catcher
Oggi 09:57
Oggi 09:57
da br3games
0 1
Nuovo Campione in : Crystal Hexajong
Oggi 09:06
Oggi 09:06
da br3games
0 2
Nuovo Campione in : Gift Shop
Oggi 07:03
Oggi 07:03
da br3games
0 3
Nuovo Campione in : Ole Balloon Blaster
Oggi 02:50
Oggi 02:50
da br3games
0 7
Nuovo Campione in : Light the Farts
Oggi 02:46
Oggi 02:46
da br3games
0 7
Nuovo Campione in : Fat Girl
Oggi 02:34
Oggi 02:34
da br3games
0 7
Nuovo Campione in : Jungle Runner v2
Oggi 02:26
Oggi 02:26
da br3games
0 7
Nuovo Campione in : Go Go Mummy II
Oggi 02:19
Oggi 02:19
da br3games
0 7
Nuovo Campione in : Jump and Furious
Oggi 02:06
Oggi 02:06
da br3games
0 7
Nuovo Campione in : Flappy
Oggi 01:58
Oggi 01:58
da br3games
0 7
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Ultimi Punteggi
Punischer ha totalizzato 48180 punti giocando a Diamond Crash Mania 23-04-19 10:03
Punischer ha totalizzato 310 punti giocando a Fly Catcher 23-04-19 09:57
Chiara ha totalizzato 5.6438e+06 punti giocando a Delgo - Hidden Stars 23-04-19 09:45
Punischer ha totalizzato 2156 punti giocando a Ancient Alchemist 23-04-19 09:27
mgcappero ha totalizzato 7125 punti giocando a Zuma Ball 23-04-19 09:13
Punischer ha totalizzato 16354 punti giocando a Crystal Hexajong 23-04-19 09:06
Chiara ha totalizzato 27200 punti giocando a Mahjongg 3D - Enterprise - Classic 23-04-19 07:48
Chiara ha totalizzato 600 punti giocando a Zodiac Mahjong Aries 23-04-19 07:26
rommy555 ha totalizzato 3326 punti giocando a Gift Shop 23-04-19 07:03
Chiara ha totalizzato 21260 punti giocando a Mahjong 3D (034) Chrome - The Castle 23-04-19 06:56
Ultimi Highscore-Champions
Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Fly Catcher 23-04-19 09:57
Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Crystal Hexajong 23-04-19 09:06
rommy555 è il nuovo Campione di Gift Shop 23-04-19 07:03
Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Ole Balloon Blaster 23-04-19 02:50
Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Light the Farts 23-04-19 02:46
Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Fat Girl 23-04-19 02:34
Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Jungle Runner v2 23-04-19 02:26
Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Go Go Mummy II 23-04-19 02:19
Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Sonic Snake 23-04-19 02:12
Punischer è il nuovo Campione di Jump and Furious 23-04-19 02:06
Giochi Casuali
See in game.
Hidden Objects - Village of Farmyard
Hidden Objects - Village of Farmyard

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Top Highscore-Champions
1 riccardo51 (6324)
2 Punischer (4329)
3 Anto (2190)
4. Badile (1440)
5. leone65 (1185)
6. italia (958)
7. serbini (660)
8. Chiara (606)
9. alabianca (549)
10. Giovanni (457)
11. raffa (441)
12. phebe (426)
Nuovi Giochi
Find the objects hidden within the different scenes.
Down By The Lake HO
Prepare to take on the might of the Ancient Egyptians in Crystal Pyramid Solitaire! Clear the pyramid before the deck runs out in this unique & intriguing solitaire game. Do you have the luck of the Pharaohs, or are you cursed?
Crystal Pyramid Solitaire
Cadillac is your hero now and the dinosaurs gang is the enemy that doesn
Cadillacs And Dinosaurs
This escape game will take you to an adventure that you will never forget! Where's your destination? You will go through the dark place where the lost souls inhabit for a long time. You don't want to disturb them but you need to escape out of this nightmare! The world of AxEnd composed of 90 different rooms. Not an ordinary room but mysterious rooms! The rooms might be familiar to you since these are the asylum rooms that had been haunting you in your dreams. Ask friends to help you playing escape games online!
Axend Escape v2
Fly on the balloons through the maze avoiding obstacles.
Air Maze 2
Bar Blast Billiards. Mind tyhe bombs.
Bar Blast Billiards
Jewel Academy Level 31
Play with colorful symbols that you will have to swap to line them up by 3 or more in this puzzle game! In each level of the Jewel Pop game, you will have a minimum number of points to reach. To do this, you will have a defined number of laps. It is up to you to find out what actions to do at each turn to get the most interesting result possible. You will have to make alignments of shapes and thus, to score many points in each level. Good luck to all and have fun! This game is played with the mouse.
Jewel Pop Level 40
You have been invited to participate in the global mahjong tournament! Complete more than 100 unique levels of difficulty and dynamics to gain experience and earn points. Upgrade your rank and progress in the game hierarchy. Become the best mahjong player the world has ever seen and win the mahjong master title. The game submits a score in the background without updating the page.
Mahjong World Contest Level 09
Pick up the wrapped candies while matching 3 candies or more. Swap two candies to get 3 or more of the same in a row. Get as many points in 20 moves as you can.
Sweet Shuffle level 06, 20 mouvements
Giochi più Popolari
He who controls the grid controls the universe.
Electropede 2
 Créer des lignes ou des colonnes de 3 ou plus de bonbons de la même couleur!!!
Candy Crush Saga Mode Hibou Episode 5
Klondike solitaire game for Christmas: move all cards to the top 4 stacks from Ace to King. On the tableau place cards in descending order and alternate color. Click on the top left stack to get a new open card. .
Christmas Solitaire
 Créer des lignes ou des colonnes de 3 ou plus de bonbons de la même couleur!!!
Candy Crush Saga Mode Hibou Episode 9
Steel Tower Solitaire is an interesting new kind of Solitaire. It´s your task to remove all cards on the screen, by clicking on a card one higher or lower than the card at the bottom. You have one joker every round. Feel free to use him.
Steel Tower Solitaire
Beim Yukon Solitaire unterscheiden sich kleine aber feine Dinge zu dem Normalen. Hier sind bereits mehrere Karten aufgedeckt und unsortiert übereinander. Diese können aber im gesamten verschoben werden. Ziel ist es auch hier das Kartendeck komplett zu sortieren und anzulegen.
Yukon Solitaire 2
Scooby Doo Memory Challenge is a fun free flash memory style game featuring the cast of the Scooby Doo series. Can you master this Scooby Doo game and become the ultimate Scooby Doo Memory Challenge master.
Scooby Doo Memory Challenge
Tripeaks Solitaire game, play cards that are 1 lower or higher. Click a card that is exact 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card at the bottom. Clear all cards from the playing field to advance to the next level.
Steel Towers Solitaire
A bold and entertaining concept, expertly executed with style and flair -- Zulu Gems is a very special game.
Zulu Gems
 Créer des lignes ou des colonnes de 3 ou plus de bonbons de la même couleur!!!
Candy Crush Saga Mode Hibou Episode 3
Giochi più Votati
Mad Cows!
Please see in the game.
Cherry Pickin Slot
Mega Slots Slingo Slingo Style!!
Mega Slots Slingo
A remake of classic style breakout game.
Breakout War
Donkick is a skill game. In this game, your target is to kick the thief as far as you can. You can click your left mouse button to make the donkey kick the thief when he snatches the donkey’s
See In Game
Rooster Launch
How far can you go?!.
Flying Fish
Chillax and putt some balls in the very fancy mini golf game
Take a trip to the magicians castle in this single line slot machine.
Lucky Spell
You need to find all the objects before the time runs out.
Mystic City


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